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Is every jail within UNITED STATES Inc.'s jurisdiction forcing people to sign a 'release and hold harmless agreement' in order to be released from jail?

Or is it just those C.U.N.T.'s at MCSO(Montgomery County Sheriff's Office)?

I'm not sure if the only reason is because of the particular way they treated me on august 7th, 8th, and 9th, well they had me captive... because I kept telling them as they were doing and that I was going to sue their asses?

Either way they strap my hands and feet to a chair for about 12 hours it would not allow me to relieve myself therefore I had to piss my pants three occasions...

And then because they wanted me to go in front of the judge they forced me to strip naked and put on their " county monkey suit".

I wanted to go in front of the judge in my pissy pants however, I was thrown to the ground with my face shoved into the Conch arm nearly dislocated from my shoulder until I submitted into wearing the FAGGOTS monkey suit.

Then when they made me strip, they made me lift my testicles, turn around, bend over and spread my butt cheeks for them... (thank God they pick that one day I wasn't out walking my dog with my ass packed contraband... Should I consider myself lucky?)

Then when I return from seeing the judge, who actually informed me that I was under arrest, I was talking to another individual who started psychologically profiling me. I told her I wasn't interested in answering interview questions. So they made me strip again and then put on an anti-suicide smock, however, this one what is the short version, just inches below my big hairy sack. They made me wear that for a few hours freezing my ass off until I was ready to answer some questions... Turns out, all they had to do is ask me if I wanted to kill myself, I would have said no, there was nothing to no need for the suicide suit. However, that would be way too easy and they like to be sadistic f****** pigs so they had to play these little humility game, along with freezing your ass off, to get you tonight only answer whether or not you want to kill yourself, what to answer all of their questions within their psychological profiling.

Questions like; do you hear voices? Do you believe people want to hurt you? Do you think other people can control your mind?

When they ask me "do you believe people want to hurt you?",
I told them, "FUCKING A, I DO!",

They asked, " who?"

And I told him, " Montgomery County sheriff's Office"

They thought I was joking... They literally started snickering...

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