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They asked, " who?"

And I told him, " Montgomery County sheriff's Office"

They thought I was joking... They literally started snickering...

I told him to write that down on the sheet and they refused...

Then they put me in solitary confinement for about 12 hours because I didn't want to answer some of their questions.

When they released me they threw me a plastic bag of my piss-fermented clothes and it, they have a laundry team working 24/7, and the pricks can't wash the clothes, that they created?

Then when it came time for my release, they tried to intimidate me into signing all of the contracts, when I denied it's really back in the cell, like they're going to keep me locked up...

I don't know? Sounds to me like I have a pretty good case for a lawsuit, and it looks to me, he is a fact that they wanted me to sign a release and hold harmless agreement, that they know I have a good case against them?

However, one determining factor would be, whether it is a fact or not if they make everybody leaving jail sign a release and hold harmless agreement?

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