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can someone tell me the difference between memberships... is there anything more you can do if you are gold and not bronze or is this forum all that there is?

Hi, Robert, Did you ever find an answer?

He probably didn't, I paid a hundred bucks a year ago or so and never got a reply put child support form promised was non-existent

That's definitely not cool!

I would assume you contacted Karl, and he did nothing to remedy?

If what you say is true, and you have infect contact carl, and he did in fact make no effort to remedy, then that to me last sound like a "lying scammer"?

Do you have the problem I am dealing with, when I try to post in the forum, the text is white therefore invisible because of the white background. Therefore I can't see what I'm typing however after I post, the text immediately turns black, therefore viewable??

Been looking around his sight and then it seems to be only 525 members like that? That's almost unbelievable! The decent website, pretty good functionality (except for a few odds and ends),a and Karl really seems to know his s***... I'm a little lost at why he doesn't have more people... From what I've experienced personally there are tons of people getting f***** in this country.

It turns out that after I got totally f***** I started looking for a way to combat these parasitic turds and that's how I found Karl.

After I've heard him speak his insight, and combining that with what I've personally experienced, and the way that everything coincides has me willing to put some stock into Karl's credibility, and hope that I'm not proven wrong.

Can you please elaborate a little more on your previous response?

After I donated I called him and talked with him This was about a year ago the man that is doing the web site was still in the process of finishing it. I had to call Karl and let him know the PayPal info that I donated then he talks to the man that created the web site and he has to physically upgrade you I haven’t been involved with this for a while I just been really busy. From what I understand is you can call Karl and let him know you donated and go from there Hope this helps

Mr. Miller, I'm not trying to pry into your business... However, I'm curious about the public-business side of your interaction with Karl's company.

Did you call Karl and speak with him specifically for a legal reason? was his guidance beneficial? as well as, how much time total do you have to speak with him?

I would suggest theamericanstatesassembly.net

I love listening to Karls videos. But its perilous if your still a US citizen.


Yeah, that's no joke! That's putting it lightly.

I'm not sure if you just talking about changing your status or if you mean literally leaving the country, but I am working on getting my ass up and out of U.S. jurisdiction.

If one does not work for the STATE, then one is deemed an ENEMY OF THE STATE, by the STATE leaving one in a total "US vs.THEM" military-social-construct. Straight up full-fledged fascism without a charismatic bad-ass leader behind a funny mustache.

I wish the "OWNERS" would make Nancy Pelosi President, just so I would have a reason to laugh my ass off every single day! Nothing would and leave me in hysterics more than having fully-armed grown men, taking commands and orders from a woman, let alone a fragile minded woman like Ms. Pelosi.

I'm still laughing just thinking about it...hahaha

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Thanks for the link, theamericanstatesassembly.net, but I don't actually believe in the fact that correcting my "status" will serve me well, if anything, I think that would be more of a reason for UNCLE SCAM to want to bend me over his knee and give me the ol' stinky finger.

The way I see it, yes one needs to attempt the correct their "status", while quickly and permanently getting one's ass out of United States jurisdiction ASAP(U.S. shits on everything it touches) and planting roots in a country that actually has a little bit of respect for one. Like maybe Iceland? There's was a time where I debated Canada, but, even though the people, in general, are a lot "cooler"(Fonzie), I'm not sure how secure I'd feel there anymore, either.

Maybe in Cambodia? Amazon jungle? Some sort of non-white country.

Do you have any recommendations about becoming a non-US shitizen?

You recommended the americanstateassembly.net, however, have you ever actually work with them yourself?

I was rolling through the website...very interesting, however, doesn't it all boil down to the court$ in the fact, that they are operating in an international private capacity? So basically what I'm asking is " don't they technically have the right to do whatever they want? Therefore interpret any law in any manner that they wish?", and then at the same time don't they need to play that game all day, then sit around pulling each other's Peters and bluffing the sheeple into believing they're purpose, therefore, their function is not only beneficial but absolutely essential?

I know from personal experience, therefore as a fact, that Just talking about this stuff out loud, wish agents of Montgomery County mafia, has me pegged as 1096 delusional armed and dangerous nut bag, that is most likely not taking his medication...

Now it could be just because it's a particular County or the whole nation is operating within this fascist de facto bullshit being pushed and send as "law"? Thinking it's the latter, in various degrees all across the nation

That's no B.S.!

I attached a copy have an open record report I got on myself. To check out the "directions:", it says all kinds of crazy shit about me.

Like where is says I pointed guns on officers??? I called them up and ask him what the hell they talking about when that happens... No answer.... They just hang up on me.. I called back and asked who the officers were how many we talking. And can I get a name so I can put them on my Christmas list and thank them for not chilling me... I asked him, " why am I not dead, or in prison, if I pull guns out on your officers?", and they won't give me an answer.

I told him before that I see they want to try to set me up to kill me... That's the only logical explanation... If it's not true, which it's not, then there's no other explanation for why you would preemptively set somebody up give me looking like a mad man who's already pulled guns on your people? Therefore potentially allowing your people to kill somebody in the future because this has already happened in the past?

And then somebody tries to bash my head on march 29th 2020 right in front of the house? And the cops show up in record timing, and made not a single effort to help... And then clam up with all of the information so they won't release any information?

Yeah, these ignorant twats anna Montgomery County mafia want to murder me! I haven't even gotten started on a lawsuit I want to put on their asses... Because I'm not exactly sure if I can even manage to get a lawsuit on them, or what kind of nonsense I have to do... That's why I was thinking about talking to Karl about plotting a course...

Anyways, if you made it this far, thanks for hanging in there good ol' buddy!

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