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On my HOMO-STRAMINEUS's first day of COURT, September 30th, 2019, HERO:RAY, DARIN J. failed to show, and also I guess he couldn't reschedule, to a better time where he could be there? I don't know because I never had a chance to talk to him....

Instead, some short little chubby Hispanic woman in her mid-20s, whom I believe is a secretary for HERO:RAY, DARIN J., confronted me and wanted me to sign this 'scheduling order', that was apparently pre-signed by HERO:RAY, DARIN J.? I don't know because I never have seen HERO:RAY, DARIN J., I've never seen this woman, and I am totally clueless to what's going on...

So I refuse to sign it... And she starts arguing with me telling me I have to sign it, and the sooner I sign at the quicker they can get me out of here... I stuck to my guns refused

She left, then shortly thereafter, a little gerbil looking LIAR-at-LAW, his little "partner", HERO:DUCKWORTH, decided to confront me and started trying to convince me to sign...

So, then I asked HERO:DUCKWORTH if his "honorable" Judge honors the Constitution, and he stated, "I don't know."

I shooshed HERO:DUCKWORTH away, like the little gerbil rodent he is.

So HERO:DUCKWORTH went into the back room and had to call the "judge" to ORDER!

The banking administrator ("JUDGE") HERO:STEWART,KEITH, told me to sign in and I refused, so then he wanted me to swear an oath, so he raised his right hand, but I didn't, he said the oath and asked me if I accept it, I shrugged my shoulders, and said, "I guess...do I have any choice?"

He didn't answer and the bailiff started barking at me anytime when I started asking questions, which to the MASTERS is "argumenting".

Anyways it's kind of ironic that somebody wrote "Refuse to sign sworn to return according to schedule", however they didn't sign the goddamn name?

How f**king convenient!.. I've noticed that game being played with everything that I do, and every agency that's been involved with f**king me

Also right below HERO:RAY, DARIN J there's a space for him to enter bar number? Now I have to do my own f**king research because the piece of s*** that is appointing to me likes to keep information about himself secret? What a bunch of f**king weirdos!

Also, there should be a signature assistant district attorney? And it's empty? I've asked who the assistant district attorney is and I still don't know!

Does anybody see any other discrepancies?

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