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Appearance Bond

Having some trouble finding the best, most straightforward way to destroy an appearance bond.

I was super careful in handling the situation at the time. Was being forced to “sign” an appearance bond after seeing a (traffic ‘court’) magistrate… so I:
-> calmly asked questions about it (got like 2 or 3 in) when a cop said “Do you want to go to jail!!?” in a threatening tone;
->so I said aloud (with several witnesses whose names I remember) “I am not signing this” as I marked nothing but “[UCC 1-308]”.
->Sent a “Notice of Revocation of Signatures” to the “court” and the Sec. of State after I got released from my kidnapping (and to the latter, I included an EMT report created simultaneous to the arrest which recommended ER treatment (possible bone fracture) due to a pointlessly rough arrest; a treatment I was denied by officers and the Magistrate).

They abused the shit out of me before it all too (sleep and warmth deprivation in their “holding tank” where they left me all night, as well as denying me daily meds for a couple-few days).

I thought I had set it up for a pretty slam-dunk collateral attack of the “bond”, especially considering I provably required an ER visit at the time I was forced to (pretend to) sign it… pretty undue process by any damn measure. But I’m still not sure how to get this thing 100% gone, and suspect the bond is just totally valid in the blind eyes of these goons. I thought destroying the bond on which the rest of it is based would be the most “root” issue to tackle. Anyone got some tips ‘n tricks?

A second issue: This resulted in a warrant on the legal fiction-NAME; how does one file a claim, then, without risking arrest?

once you use ucc,thats where they goy you. also, you made claims in their court.once that happenrs they got jurisdiction over you.

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