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Karl Lentz’s child was taken away by the state for having Down’s syndrome. He paid a fortune on lawyers and lived in a shipping container to divert all his money to legal costs. After nearly 6 years, he decided to learn Law for himself as clearly the lawyers couldn’t help. He learnt how to get a court of record and moving the court. He realised his child was classed as property and the legal & lawful meaning of over 50words. He will talk about his 2 carefully constructed sentences, he said at the court office. He didn’t even get to the next hearing and the court instructed the state to return his son back within 24 hours. He now has a radio talk show teaching his simple way of thinking that any man or woman can comprehend and use for their own problems. His radio show is full of people ringing with success stories. karl Lentz queens bench, Karl lentz unKommonlaw, uncommon law
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Nowadays, when a [wo]man walks into the Local PUBLIC Courthouse, s/he has to adapt, to not what is his or her belief to what is the common-law of their society , BUT must conform to what is “Common Standards Rules Codes and PRIVATE LAW Practices” of the members of the BAR association (or else!), My Goal is that this Show is to help navigate between, the common beliefs of [wo]man, and the postions maintained by the Members of BAR association; have a few laughs; Topics get INTENSE at times; and make a few BUCKS $$$ to keep a roof over my head.

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