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My custody battle

I’ve had custody of my daughter for appx 7 months now. I had wanted to speak to Karl but I was low on cash when I joined on 12/8/18, I became a member (bronze) on this site at that time and just finishing fixing a 50,000 house I had bought for my daughter and myself I was very broke never mind Christmas was just around the corner. As I was learning from Karl on YouTube and TalkShoe on how to get custody of my daughter due to her mother’s heroine use she was arrested for robbing the only store we have in town of 3,000 people. She was arrested on a Friday and I usually would take her from Friday to Sunday so I asked if I could have her for another day and went to family court in Northampton, MA and was granted temporary custody. We had another court date within a month or two which they extended the order, I cant remember the timeline exactly but she was arrested two more times while Gisele was in my custody. The first arrest was for possession of heroin with intent to distribute and the second was for more robbery charges. She had a man living with her that they were doing robberies together, 22 in total I believe. Initially I let her see her mother but it was court ordered that the man she was seeing not be there, my daughter would tell me he was and my mother and sister had both seen him there after picking up Gisele in the morning after sleep overs. So I only allowed her to come to my house to see her. After the last arrest she lost her two older daughters (11 and13) , spent a month in jail, lost her apartment and is living in a sleazy motel in a bad part of the state. I’ve had trouble figuring out this site or I would have reached out earlier. So we have a scheduled appointment at Hampshire County Family Court in MA on 12/17 the mother wants to postpone the court date because she’s getting kicked out of her motel and has no place to go and her Unemployment checks are stopping after one more. She’s trying to get into a sober home for mother’s and they’re kids with her two older daughters. I could use some advise please as I know family court is quasi court and would like to protect my daughter from being in a neglectful a potentially dangerous situation. I own my home , work full time as a plumber and have a wonderful caring family that all pitch in so I don’t have to leave Gisele in daycare with strangers and potential pedophiles. Ialso have never keptGisele from her mother as long as it was in a safe environment and never will, nor to I bad mouth her or say anything negative about her to Gisele on the contrary I tell her that her mothers going through some problems and she loves her very much. Any advise would extremely helpful, thank you in advance, John.

Sorry for the grammatical errors and just a poor writing style as I cannot see what I am typing and was trying to write that post from memory of what I had previously written

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