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2801c letter from IRS

Greetings. i have claimed exempt for over 20 years and never had any trouble with the IRS. Some man or woman has decided that i do not qualify as exempt, and ordered my employer to withhold Federal Income taxes. i hear that i was supposed to get a 2801c letter in the mail, though i never did. Does anyone have any experience with the 2801c letter?

Kind Regards,

Greetings Gordon,
‘i’ receive the same letter about a week ago, placing me in the “Withholding Compliance Program”. The Agent: C.K. O’Neal, sent my “employer” instructions to change my W-4 from “Exempt” to “Single”, and to begin pulling out taxes on December 30th.

‘i’ wrote back to her in 48 hours and used Overnight to mail the letter, stating ‘i’ believed she sent it in error, gave notice that ‘i’ withdrew my consent and my signature from any and all of the Agency’s documents, that this act would cause harm to ‘i’: man, my person, and property; and required her to cancel and stop all “lock-in letter(s)” in regards to this matter, and provide written proof that it was done.

‘i’ sent a copy to Charles Rettig (Commissioner) and require him to aid and assist with the matter.

Though ‘i’ am waiting on a reply, ‘i’ have to send a follow up to Charles; starting with and update on status, next letter: Failure to Train, Discipline, Monitor his subordinates, and lastly that he is about to do wrong to man. I expect the last one to be copied to the Attorney General, but I have not made it that far yet.

Maybe life will be kind to me and Charles will recall the letter…only time will tell.

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