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Amnesty for Past Due Child Support

AM*NES*TY [am-nuh-stee]- -n. Law. An act of forgiveness for past offenses, especially to a class of persons as a whole.

Hello all. I advocate amnesty for fathers who owe back child support. Their debts should be forgiven. 

Why? Because there will soon be amnesty for illegal aliens who have broken into our country. 20 million of them. So if they get to break the law and get amnesty, deadbeat dads deserve it too! And don�t forget the Occupy Wallstreet crowd in 2011. Yep. These bums owe billions in unpaid student loans. Guess what they want? They want debt forgiveness for their student loans. So � if they can get it, deadbeat dads deserve it too!

And don't forget draft dodgers from the Vietnam war. These bums refused to serve and skipped the country for Canada. President Ford granted them amnesty in 1975.

Forgiveness of child support arrears, ok what arrears?  For the avoidance e of doubt there are no arrears because there was no debt in the first place, the Child Support Agencies both in the US  and over here in the UK simply create assessments. Those assessments are not monies paid out by these Agencies, it simply a calculation made on an assessment. When we assist fathers here in the UK we always require the Child Support Agency to produce their public accounts to show the negative figure of Child Support to which they could zero back once they have obtained the money from the father. They obviously cannot do that because there is no funds paid out so it's a fraud









Hello Maurice, and all. Does anyone have more child support info or direction for me?

Thank you

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