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Common law and holding Court

I currently have two claims in. The first one is against my ex-wife who agreed to sole custody for my daughter in writing. This was of course ignored by the divorce court and I was trying to get the return of my child. The second one and was where I broke two teeth I have an employer and was trying to get compensated as when I filed the insurance they immediately terminated me. The problem I'm having currently is the court is refusing anything in common law. The courthouse will not proceed unless the judge has jurisdiction in the case. They did take my cases they did file them but there were refusing to proceed on them until I rewrite the paperwork to give them the jurisdiction they wish. They want me to remove all the I am an statements and any reference to common law. I called today to see if they would allow me to rent a courthouse I even suggested paying the trial numbers myself. They refused to allow me to hold a quart for my own claims in my own courtroom. Approximately two weeks ago the clerk of courts made it absolutely clear that there was no way I was ever going to get a trial in my local courthouse. So what am I supposed to do here? My name is Kenneth I live in Brigham City Utah maybe this common law stuff is a scam or maybe it only works in certain States.  I know I've even tried my surrounding court houses and nobody will rent me a space to hear the clams.  I've been doing everything I can and I've been hitting dead ends after dead ends.

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