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Complaint Criminal charges

my friend (fellow man) and I. Have no problem but the court is still after I. My friend doesn’t know anything about common law. the court has given me an order not to talk to my friend.

Just wanting to see if I get any response here. Is there anyone watching or what? I have a great case and looking for some help.

I spent a night in jail and kidnapped from MY OWN HOME! I have 2 guests in my home currently. My fiance and her 21 year old daughter, she asked for my help and agreed to the terms so I let her  move in to get ahead. Said she would get 2 jobs and finish her GED. None of this has happened! Only thing that has happened is her getting pregnant and constantly have a bad attitude, demand food and not clean anything up.  Much anguish between the mother and myself. Now it is my house and my decision. The reason I have not removed her is because the baby will not live for 10 minutes outside the womb. There are many complications with her type 1 diabetes and pregnancy so far.

I have 2 counts of domestic battery charged against me all because a 21 year old, non working, rude, lazy step daughter started yelling at her mom. I have been putting up with this for the last 5 months! She put her hand up in my face and I moved it away and  her mother got in between us so I pushed her to the couch. Both the cops that night and the 911 call report say no injury. I have been on pretrial services since January 24. Taking pee tests, calling in every night and reporting, having to tell them when I leave town as I travel for work. It's getting old! There is a bench trial set for April 17th. I have FOIA requested and received 4 deputy sheriff's Oaths of Office, going after the prosecuting attorney now and have submitted my Affidavit of Status. I also have a client attorney agreement I am getting ready to submit for the defense attorney as well that should knock her out of the picture. I had planned on in the beginning to just go along with this as they both wish this never happened and are not going to accept the subpoena's, my attorney says this will all be dismissed if they don't show up. I was going to ride it out but the more I got to thinking I feel what they are doing to me is a big sham and someone has to pay for the damages

I am looking for some ideas on making a claim to submit. Any ideas? Also, how to go about with a civil suit against them?

Did the men (acting as cops/sheriffs) decide to arrest you themselves or did someone do a citizens arrest against you?

What are these pretrial services?

edit: nevermind its a bit late I guess... how is everything now?

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