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Eureka: What we know and what we want to know

(Will Edit with info as this thread grows.)

As the title says, I would like to collect information about what we have found out so far about Eureka as well as gather questions we have regarding the new system.

What I have gleaned so far:

- Separate instanced zone
- Separate leveling system (will enter with current skills and gear but level the internal systems separately that will persist after you leave the instance)
- Elemental stuff will finally matter
- Enemies dont give up the chase
- After level 5 you will have death penalty (exp loss)
- focus of the content will be relic weapon and armor
- other things may be introduced
- Eureka will get patch updates every even number half patch (.25 .45)
- will have NM's but same claim system as now
- Weapon and armor will (once enhanced) be just below Omega weapons (by 5 ilev's im willing to guess)
- when enhancing your relics, you will be able to choose how its leveled (stat selection)
- Can enter as light, full, parties or solo and get a group while in there
- When compared to diadem and PotD "it will be a completely new system" (even though it sounds like diadem 3.0)
- It will be content meant to take a long time to do (as opposed to all other content in the game that was quoted as being "not meant to last")

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