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Kidapped by man acting as officer

I was kidnapped by a man acting as a officer. The man asked me for my id, I told him my name is Robert i am a man he said I need your Id. Said I don't HAVE it. I told him my name is Robert I am a man. He said he would arrest me for not giving id. I told him I am a man named Robert. He told me to turn around I am under arrest places handcuffs on me. Then shoved me in his police car. I repeatedly told The man acting as officer J. Bundy to take me to the magistrate. He ignored my requirement and took Mr to jail. When we arrived a the jail. He had another man acting as officer search me then they put me in a holding cell.

The man charged me with obstruction. No crime was committed. I don't know how this is considered obstuction if no crime. I believe he kidnapped me when I repeatedly ignored my requirement to be taken to the magistrate.

This is several years ago.  How did this play out?

Thank you