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Poss. of Substance Case & how to set up MY court

I was pulled over around 11 PM on February 18, 2017 while traveling in my car & was told by the officer that the reason for stopping me was because I didn't have a 'license plate' on the car. This led to the officer to 'escalate' the situation where he removed me from my car so that he could search it... Told me to get out of MY car, MY property. Which was eventually taken from me and towed to an impound lot that resulted in a $350 fee that had to be desperately loaned to me on top of a $400 insurance payment and $275 registration fee that somehow needed to be paid before I could go pick my car up. The police officer found an old pill bottle that had been tucked under the mess in my glove box which contained 4 pills, 2 different variants of the same substance that my girlfriend was prescribed to that apparently comes with a "maximum fine of $25,000 and/or 4 years in prison" according to some bullshit legal code... I erred back on the 18th of February, 2017 when I handed my 'drivers license' to the officer upon request. I didn't realize that I had unknowingly 'contracted' simply by handing over this license that was meant for commercial use only. To operate using a 'drivers license' the 'driver' needs to be getting some sort of payment. Going to and from work, or anywhere else you need to go from point A to point B is not considered commercial use. So by handing an officer my license, makes he/she assume or believe that I merely have a 'privilege' to drive and that they have so called 'jurisdiction' because I happened to be on a road in their specific county/region. My first court date for 'arraignment' at the local court, 58th district for Ottawa county in Hudsonville MI, I wasn't as well prepared as I was for the 2 hearings I've had at the Circuit Court the following months, located in Grand Haven. I wasn't fully prepared for those either, and still not 100% confident for the Jury trial scheduled this coming Thursday, April 19 at 9:00 AM (AT) the Grand Haven court house. On my first arraignment however, I was aware of the paper contracts that would be presented which were signed under duress. I knew I needed to represent myself, so when asked how I wanted to hire one I stated for the record that I wished to represent myself. When the judge asked how I wanted to plea I stated "i am man. I don't believe I have caused harm or injury to any (w/o)man so unless there is a claim before this court by any (w/o)man that says I did wrong then how can you hold me accountable."

This and any other comment that was unrelating to what questions were being asked by the judge were ignored and freight trained through to the point where the judge entered a plea of 'not guilty' on my behalf. Which infuriated me, but I kept composure knowing that the majority of society is programmed to be ignorant to my otherwise radical, out of the norm arguments. Anything being said that goes against someone's beliefs triggers what's called 'cognitive dissonance' which causes them to react irrationally by not having an open mind and considering other perspectives.

After the arraignment, I knew something was very wrong about the system and what these so called public officials were doing so I started studying. I've listened to some of Karl's shows a few years ago for a short period of time, but never followed through learning more and acquiring knowledge on the subject because I didn't think it was important enough. I got caught up caring about how many fantasy football points I got or what new stores or electronics have come out... Since I've gotten this charge, my research and studies have shown me how crucial this particular instrument (the courts & law enforcement) is, to the economic control by these global elite & bankers. It's the glue that holds their economic power together..... They know they need to keep this information from being released and have done so by controlling the entire Media/Entertainment industry as well as the Public School's, curriculum they learn, what food we eat, what stores we shop at, which goes allll the way down to the conversations people have with each other. My dad passed away a few months ago, which made me realize just how  imaginary and make believe this material corporate world really is, and that you take nothing with you when you leave this world. I see the value in life, living, enjoying yourself. Making a positive difference on others and this world is worth so much more than any amount of paper bills or gold you can shove into a vault. This system strips us from our humanity in ways so  that I'm starting to believe can the reversed

Long story short, I filed my claim before my second hearing and things changed a little. Nothing significant or that looked promising for success but I've done everything I could, to the best of my ability with the knowledge AT THAT TIME to make it clear that I do not consent in any way. As far as what to do now, I'm not sure what to do. There's many 'procedures' that haven't been followed properly due to the lack of my understanding and experience. I have no one to help me but myself, and no lawyer or attorney that I've talked to is willing to accept an alternative to the ways they've been taught and lived so I'm writing this to reach out to anyone that might have the puzzle pieces I'm missing to figure out what needs to be done next. I've been cramming in so much information & listening to Karl's shows over and over but with all the different remedies out there & taking note that each case is differs from one another, I haven't pieced together a complete case that fully establishes my court & rules so that what I'm trying to do will be rightfully recognized. I'm sure my claim needs to be altered slightly and I'm completely lost as to where to begin with writing my notices and how to go about setting up MY court AT 'their' court.

I'm looking to discuss this with someone as soon as possible considering what little time I have to finish setting up what needs to be done before the 19th if that's even possible. My cell number is (616)848-9662. Leave a message if you call and I will return it if I don't answer. You can text me as well... I will make your time be spent well, whether that be in cash and/or you prefer or need automotive services, I'm the guy.

- Lucus Matthew Drew

Lucas, how did you get on?
Going through the same here in UK, DCA and few events unfolded that led to judgment against me. i applied to set-aside. Since then / during lockdown (plandemic!) have sent an affidavit (attached) and claimed NO CONSENT had a "hearing" last Tuesday the judge didn't listen to me and acually hung up on me. i've required transcript on the conversation and affirmed a few maxims, this is what i said...

"Every Man is independent of ALL LAWS except those prescribed by nature. He is NOT bound by any institution formed by his fellow Men WITHOUT his consent."
Cruden V Neale ZNC 338 May Term 1796

Dear District Judge Masters

With regard to our broken conversation Tuesday morning. And to tell you that I took offence at you telling me to shut up.
It was stated on many occasions that the telephone connection was very poor and I complained that I could not hear you many times. I not believe that was reason for you to hang-up on me.

I require a copy of the transcript or recording of our conversation so that I may redress this matter correctly and accurately should I need to.
Please forward at your earliest convenience.

I said but don't know if you heard:
1. THAT A matter must be expressed to be resolved. - I am raising the matter that neither you or the County Court HMCTS have no proof of my consent to do business. There is no contract in place.
2. THAT Truth is expressed in the form of an affidavit. - Attached Affidavit. Again.
3. THAT An unrebutted affidavit stands as the truth. - Attached Affidavit.
4. THAT An unrebutted affidavit becomes the judgment in Commerce. - Here we are.

To also add:
THAT While the battle continues, he who first leaves the field or refuses to contend loses by default. - You complained that Mr Colin Watts was unavailable and you had tried several times. We were 10 minutes late starting our conversation and you tried to call him again.

Sincerely, without ill-will, frivolity or vexation,
For and behalf of the principal xxxx
For and behalf of the Attorney General of the House of xxxx
For and behalf of the Baron Dean of the House of xxxx

Without any admission of any liability whatsoever, and with all Natural Indefeasible Rights reserved.
This is a nightmare, i can't see what i'm typing!

Is this the right way forward...no consent so no contract?
Looking into affidafits and liens...all sounds good.

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