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Question about U.S. Deferred Adjudication and Canada Admission

Quick background - I am looking to enter Canada for vacation this year but also for possibly work related visits in the coming future (A job that I am applying for may require travel to Canada). I do not have any "convictions" on my record but I do have 2 deferred adjudication (1 for aggravated robbery in 1991 and 1 for shoplifting in 1991) that resulted in "court dismissals" after the probationary period was completed for each case. In both cases, I pleaded guilty in return for the deferred adjudication . I have also applied for NON Disclosure to seal both cases to the general public and both cases were successfully granted the Non Disclosures for sealing. 

I have read that "Deferred adjudication and Suspended adjudication are not considered convictions for the purposes of Canadian immigration law, therefore, do not result in inadmissibility." This sounds favorable for me but I am concerned that I could get turned away at the border. I have read that I should carry the court documents that states the court dismissed the proceedings of both cases to avoid issues at the border. I also read that a "Legal Opinion" letter from a Canadian immigration lawyer is advisable when traveling with my documents to Canada.

Does anyone know if I will be declined admission at the border when flying?

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