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24 and So Scared of ALS

Hi All,

I am 24 years old I have been in good health all my life without anxiety until the last 3 months. It all started with a flu back in December that gave me brain fog that has persisted all this time. I was vigilant with my doctors, I went to Urgent Care, the emergency room twice, saw my PCP twice, a gastro twice, and even a Urologist twice. I got an MRI that came back normal. That's when it started. A close friend of mine made a silly comment and thought they were joking "oh well hopefully it's not ALS" within minutes I had googled it and knew every symptom that I could face. I had never considered it before that moment, but then, all of a sudden, my left arm felt heavier, my left hand did not seem right to me, it's cold, tingles sometimes, then I started noticing right calf twitches, then the next day it was right foot twitches. I saw a neurologist 2 days ago and he was confident I did not have ALS. I wanted an EMG to make absolutely sure, but he did not  see the point. I could walk on my heels, I could walk on my tip toes, I could swallow, I could talk, I can touch my fingers to my thumbs, I can lift my legs, and I can raise my arms over my head.Before the brain fog, I was in what I would call a very stressful time in my life with law school on the horizon, the LSAT, a difficult relationship, and working 50-70 hour weeks.

I am not irrational, I look at that, and I am thinking "anxiety." I guess one of my questions is, let's say this weird feeling in my arm I am having, does that become clinical weakness? I should mention too that anxiety is completely new to me, I have never been an anxious person until now.

I help people with accelerated self-healing. I can guide you if you are still looking for answers and solutions... Look up Medical Student Syndrome to get additional perspective on the psychosomatic aspect of your experience - especially the timing of symptom onset. There is also a somatopsychic side that needs specific support. I make natural remedies and match you to them without you having to leave home... I was trained as an eye doctor but now consult with open-minded doctors and patients as my clients to improve their clinical outcomes. Even if you were heading toward ALS, your body can heal the underlying causes like heavy metals. And it can repair the myelin sheath with remedies like my Neuroceramides formulation.

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