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  1. Paul

    Karl please I am trying to pull this off I believe I’ve got the will to do this but I lack in the process and paperwork skills please if you will help me out with this I believe I have one he’ll of a law suit against cps / the individuals who have caused me and three of my daughters harm please email me back ill pay the donation I just want to be able to talk to some one who can tell me what paper work I need to file to start my claim so far I’ve gone into county civil unlimited and got tort paper work from law library I’ve given notice I just need a little guidance please help me .These people kidnapped my new born from the hospital with out a warrant and won’t give our baby to our families .its bad man by chance my mother-in-law had to take a life scan to get a job through county that she was cleared for by chance three days later cps to supposedly to let my mother in law get our child home needed to take a life scan so she took one from the same place as the first one same office same building and now she has an open cps case which is a complete forgery some one entered it into there computer the justice department’s even saying that some one had to of done it at cps because cps offices are in the same building please help me there stealing our baby there’s so much more please respond to me once again we have proof of what I’m trying to tell you we need help


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