7 Responses to “Karl Lentz Know the Common Law And Protect Yourself From Their Lies”

    • Kevin Crompwell

      Karl’s keep it simple did and does work for i, many hours listening to audios, videos did/does aid i in keeping it simple
      i had two judges pass off [a] foreclosure case of this man i did help nobody was willing to answer some simple questions and for good measure i use the word barratry and 90 percent of the court e-file vanish without [a] trace
      God Bless Karl Lentz !

  1. Sharon

    I don’t have a URl number I would like the newsletter and how to get your dictionary

  2. Keith Krosnicki

    Last June 18th 2017 somebody broke into my motor home,” which I do live in full time traveling around the country”, trying to rob me stabbed me six times and left me for dead.
    Yet I did live after 8 hours on the operating table and 2 weeks in the hospital. The loss of my pankreous and spleen and half my stomach..
    The cops search my motor home with out a warrant and found drugs and are now prosecuting me for it. Took my motor home 50k in cash I had inside the motor home. Now my life is over. What can I do?

    • MadMagyar

      Obviously you’re able to get on the internet. Watch enough of Karl’s videos to make your claim against the corporation (city or county) or INDIVIDUAL COPS for theft and interference with your right to property. Follow EXACTLY what he says. Don’t embellish, don’t add your own BS, just do what he says. I have come up with a corollary to Karl’s admonitions: if you can’t argue your case DRUNK, in front of a magistrate or judge, then it ain’t common law.

  3. Rosie R Espinoza

    Can you guide me on the exact steps to get my son back to us his family unit. Im a single mother of 4 and live in l.a co. D.c.f.s seized my kids and unfortunately adopted my son out to an unsafe enviroment…..since removed he has had: LUNG infection, closed head injury, broken wrist, broken ankle, and got a flu shot without my consent. More details if you can help me. God bless my goal is to get him back before his bday coming up in August. Thank you. Ph: 323 357-2545


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