7 Responses to “Karl Lentz 357 – What to do when you get arrested”

    • Matt

      Hi Karl, I hope Dean Clifford started listening to you. My friend’s house was condemned because her ex-boyfriend didn’t remove his things out of the yard. They boarded up for house and we cleaned up everything outside that could be cleaned and the code enforcement officer wouldn’t let her back in because she didn’t have utilities on. There’s no judge to speak with. She’s also in trouble because she was on probation and she got caught stealing food at Walmart. She’s sleeping outside in her van. She doesn’t have any family so I helped for six weeks. Is there any way you can help? Please. Matt

  1. Michael Redbird

    Love the new site…cant wait to talk about the extortion of The Child Support Agency

  2. Manuel Casares

    I have tried to use your approach in the courthouse in my County to no avail, I hae en specifically targeted for retaliation as many in my county learned of the judges/sherif/ attorneys and businessmen racketeering activities in the county from my postings! I have been trying to recoer my stolen property , but from what I have learned as much a $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 has been spent to stop me as the amount at controversy is in th etens of millions without punitive


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